Our Team


Advanced RPAS Pilot with extensive biological field experience. Also a 60-ton master, and sailing racer.


TC Flight reviewer and chief pilot for til/t shift, with ROC-A examination accreditation.


How We Work

We are at the bleeding edge of disruptive technology, working with First Nations to redefine the coastal resource and technology sector. Our clients and partners benefit from our comprehensive structured team consisting of engineers, product developers, marine biologists, coastal planners, emergency management professionals, and strategic marine advisors to secure funding for our clients, build winning proposals that drive successful project outcomes.  

We believe that looking forward for a better way to do things includes looking back. In that light, we reflect on the evolution of the word “economy”, which comes from the Greek words “oikos”, meaning house, and “nemein”, meaning to manage. In other words – a strong economy means that you have your house in order. 


In the past, managing our house meant cultivating a deep knowledge of the land, the seasons, and the resources available, and working closely with your family to make the most of this bounty. This was particularly true for traditional First Nations. A healthy economy today can grow from those same tenets, resulting in stable, resilient ecosystems, houses, families, and societies. 

We believe in a community-based approach to ocean technology, anchored in strong families and healthy communities. When a household is well-managed, every member benefits, and no-one goes wanting. This is where the true meaning of “economy” is realized and where meaningful change happens.


Shift CIMS Package

In addition to client and contract work, til/t shift is the RPAS operations and training wing of Shift Environmental Technologies Ltd.

SHIFT is a growing, agile ocean technology firm and coastal resource management coastal resource management company. 

CIMS is a bespoke package of hardware and software tailored for deployment from ports, communities, offshore platforms and ships, providing cutting edge technology to any response. 

Our CIMS Rapid Deploy Kit hardware is centered around the OceanSled autonomous Surface vessel, as well as commercial grade drones, optimized for rapid deployment and can operate in a wide variety of coastlines and conditions. 

Do More with Less

Our autonomous platforms allow operators to conduct a wide variety of tasks from one location. A single operator can drive the OceanSled and monitor deployed assets at the same time.

Increase Safety

Access high risk areas while taking people out of potentially dangerous situations.

Efficient Operation with Response Organizations

Our system is built with ICS (Incident Command System) principals at its core, allowing efficient transfer of information and operational capabilities with major Response organizations, First Responder groups and military command centers.